Website Design and Development

My dad bought me a bundle of computer parts and a “How to build your own website” VHS tape at an auction when I was about 12 years old. I asked him for it because I wanted to play with the computer, but after watching the VHS tape I was so excited by the idea of putting something up on the internet that I borrowed “HTML for dummies” from the library and found a free website hosting platform where I could start building.

After a few years of creating very mediocre or just plain awful websites my older brother, Josh, referred a lawnmower parts and repair business to me for my very first freelance gig. I think I sold the website for $200. The real value of the project was starting me on a 7 year journey of learning website development and running a business.

I no longer freelance full time, but I still occasionally design and develop websites from scratch for friends & family or for projects that interest me. Listed here are a few which were either significant in my learning or a personal favorite to work on. There are also a few that still give me nightmares.

Applewood Assisted Living

Marc and Lauren are some of the nicest people I know. They take very good care of their clients at Applewood and I'm glad I am able to be involved.

I host their website on my server and keep things running for them.


We Coach It

This is a product that never had a full launch and that really disappointed me. This was a website focused on connecting clients with life coaches, instructors, and educators.

I created a back-end system that allowed for instructors to create an account, list services, and integrate their calendar with their listings. Users could make a purchase and then select a time slot on the calendar. The website owner (my client) would get a cut from the sales.

  • website screenshot


This website had a minimalist design but under the hood this was a technical feat. The clients (Josh and Zach) were very driven young men who wanted to recreate the success of "Dollar Shave Club".

I needed to create a eCommerce platform that would allow for customers to sign up for and manage monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscriptions of bamboo socks. There was a also a referral program built in where you could earn free months on your subscription by getting others to join with your personalized link.

The socks were really comfy, too.

  • website screenshot

Fierce and Savvy

A website that pulls in individual posts from a Facebook deals group and integrates a newsletter signup.

  • website screenshot

From Top 2 Bottom

Another nutritionist blog. I love the design of this one. Unfortunately I was only involved in the development here, but I'm proud of the custom animations that I had to learn just for the graphical menu.

  • website screenshot

Mitten Kittens Siamese

This website is for my wife. No, silly, she didn't marry me because of how happy she was with the website. It's due for a refresh, but even now it sets her apart from the competition in a big way.

  • website screenshot

World Class Dance Tours

I love this website so much. I'm sad that it's no longer online. The color scheme, the logo, the graphical menus, all so satisfying! Another website that helped my client get a head start.

Golden Tree Pawn

A local pawn shop needed a website for their 2 locations and eBay store. They also wanted to have eCommerce capabilities apart from eBay so I installed and configured WooCommerce for them.

Domus Apprisals

This is a straightforward website but the homepage is something that I really enjoyed building and it looks great to this day.


Fueling Station Philly

This clean website was for a restaurant in Philly. Super sharp look, I loved their branding.

  • website screenshot

A Balanced Week

A blog and newsletter for a nutritionist / public speaker.

Her Wine Project by Lady Savant

I still have a bottle stashed away from them. I am not a drinker so I can't attest to the taste of their wines, but they had a fun brand to work on.

Philly Smiles

This dentist had so much personality with their branding. They've since moved on to a more generic website which is such a shame.

Rogers Dance Center

A beautiful website for dance instructors. I love the background photo and the curve to the layout.

  • website screenshot

Monica Guzman

Monica was (is?) a life couch and inspirational speaker. I enjoyed working on her website and the result was something beautiful. I hope that it helped her with her goals.

  • website screenshot

Fraser Road Church of God

Bask in the glory of one of my earliest websites. Behold the table frame layout, the Dreamweaver generated code, and the custom image buttons. I fear this was my peak.

Paganos Market and Bar

I'm listing this here just as a reminder to my future self of the pain and suffering involved in this website.

The client was not to blame, I just had no idea how to properly manage an online restaurant menu at the time and I went about it the wrong way. So much time wasted in Gravity Forms.

Your Watch Design

This website is why I swore off Joomla.