Home Repairs and Renovations

We are slowly but surely updating and repairing this old farm house we live in. Rumor has it that it was built in the 50’s. I believe it.

Plumbing Update

The plumbing that came with the house was old, leaky, and tasted terrible.

This was a complete overhaul, removing all of the old steel and rubber(!) plumbing and updating it with pex lines, a whole-home filter, and even a manifold.

Garage Electrical

The old electrical lines to / in the garage were old and overloaded. A single 14/2 wire was powering everything and I wasn't comfortable with that. It was also using a scary looking fuse-box.

Everything has been replaced and updated with a brand new electric panel and a much more robust 60amp 240v service line.

Office Remodel

My office was a russian nesting doll of problems. The floor joists needed to be replaced entirely and bees nests were found in the walls. Thankfully my brother is an amazing carpenter.

Bedroom Remodel

Another beautiful job by my brother, Nathan. Mindy and I gutted the room and hired him to handle the renovation.