Custom Electronics and Repairs

I hate e-waste so most of what you’ll see here are repairs to my own belongings. I also prefer to buy used equipment that is broken in some way so that I can fix them and save on the purchase.

Samsung Powerbot R9350

Brand new this vacuum would have cost $1200. I bought a broken one at auction for ~$70 after shipping / fees. All I had to do was replace the belt and motor assembly for the beater bar and it works perfectly. I like this robot vacuum as it isn't so easily thwarted by everyday obstacles in the house.

Lithopane Lightbox

A gift to my sister-in-law for Christmas. I took a digital image of her cat (Freya), converted it to a lithopane, 3D printed that, and then I crafted a battery operated lightbox to frame it and display the image at the press of a button.

This is one of my favorite projects. The simplicity of the project is dwarfed by the stunning result.

Ryobi 18v to 36vv mower mod

I bought a used electric mower with a dead battery and rather than replace it with an expensive, proprietary lead-acid battery I created this mod to use 2 Ryobi batteries instead. Works great!

Buck Converter Mount for Ryobi Batteries

We had a power-wheels jeep with a dead 12v battery and rather than pay $50 for a proprietary battery I decided to create this mount so that I could use my Ryobi batteries and chargers.

The buck converter used can output 12 amps and may be useful to me again in the future for <18v applications.


Motorola Battery Mod

I needed this phone to *think* that it had a battery installed when it was really just powered by USB 24/7. This little jumper wire did the trick.

Superlux HD668B Repair

The headphone wires wore out and I needed to replace them. A simple solder job later and I had working headphones again!

Controller Repairs

This one is kind of cheating to list it here as *my* accomplishment. I found a good deal on a large quantity of broken controllers and I hired a local repair shot (1up Games) to repair them for resale.