3D Printing and Modeling

3D printing can be 100% functional or 100% cosmetic, and I 100% love it.

My first printer was a Monoprice Select Mini 2. It’s a very solid machine and I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to get started. It has a 110mm3 build area which was just a bit small for me on many projects and I found myself modifying models to fit. Now it’s my small-sized and fine-detail printer with a 0.2mm nozzle for when I need something to look pretty.

My primary printer as an Anet A8 Plus with a whopping 300mm x 300mm x 350mm build area! That may sound like it’s triple the Monoprice mini volume (1.33 liters), but it’s actually over 20 times larger (27 liters)! The only downside is that I haven’t fine-tuned it for small details so for now I only use it to print large functional pieces that don’t need to look very pretty.

Below are a few of my favorite prints, including designs of my own.

Buck Converter Mount for Ryobi Batteries

We had a power-wheels jeep with a dead 12v battery and rather than pay $50 for a proprietary battery I decided to create this mount so that I could use my Ryobi batteries and chargers.

The buck converter used can output 12 amps and may be useful to me again in the future for <18v applications.

  • Ryobi batteries and tools mounted on wall

Ryobi Tool Mounts

My collection of Ryobi tools and batteries was becoming a cluttered mess. These are an elegant solution to keep them well organized and out of the way.


Insulated Buried Potable and Boiler Water Lines

We needed heat and potable water in our garage and rather than use expensive electricity to run a space heater I decided to run boiler lines with the water lines at the same time. These spacers help to keep the pipes spaced evenly apart while the spray foam insulation sets. Normally a pre-made insulated line like this would cost $1500+ but it only cost $200 + lots, and lots of time to do it ourselves.

Lithopane Lamp

This was a gift to my little-sister-in-law. It's a picture of her cat that I printed as a lithopane and positioned in front of LEDs. The effect is stunning.


Condensor Mic Stand

This little guy fits perfectly in my monitor arms and allows my microphone to be positioned above them.

GPU Stand

This allowed me to add 3 more GPUs to my server than I had slots for.